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Saturday, October 6, 2012


"I run across hills and dales, I wander through nameless lands ... because I am hunting for a golden dream."

Today begins as a warm, humid non-typical fall day, leaves beginning to change, mostly yellow, few are russet, and occasionally reds are seen. Changes in the next few weeks, although occurring every year, always seem so profound.

While it’s midday, or what used to be midday, now 4 o’clock, seems like early evening the days are so short.

Earlier for a brief time the sun broke though the thin clouds and I was almost moved to go out and take a few photos, but before I got around to gather up my gear the thin clouds became thick and that was that. 

Now I’m sitting on my lawn swing day dreaming fall thought. The air is still quite warm and very quiet, even the birds and squirrels are not around.

Into the woods I shall go,
Where quiet seeks its peace.
The babbling brook is quiet,
The windless air is quiet,
The bird-less sky is quiet too.
Leaves drop without a sound,
The quiet echoes all around.
Now is time for me to quiet too.


Anonymous said...

Great post, I admire the writing style :) A little off topic here but what theme are you using? Looks pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Can't say enough about this website – its alot better than mine.

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