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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


In solitude thoughts drift in and out,
Words rarely make the page,
In company words drift about,
Thoughts rarely make the stage.

Late in the month of March winter weariness sets in, spring crowds out the last of winter thought. But after a long, hot and humid spell in July and August winter thoughts become more “pleasant” shall we say. And so I add these thoughts to my blog although the saunter was long ago in the late winter.

Slowly dies the winter in the month of March. Quickly one day becomes the summer, spring barely makes the scene. Spring is but a state of mind slowly building in the soul, building as slowly as, day by day, the sun rises in the sky.
In the earliest of spring, often late winter by calendar reckoning, winter retreats but gradually. Small, shallow ponds seem to freeze the hardest, are held in winter’s grip the longest. Slowly, ever so slowly, long after their shorelines have shed winter’s icy grip, released from winter bondage, ponds reluctantly, concede to spring!
White snow covered surfaces gradually go grey or may even surprise with an orange color, almost rusty from winter algae growing wherever winter sun had often appeared. Solid winter ice sponges in the warming, growing days, punky and crumbly like a rotting woodland log returning to the soil from which it once had once sprung.

Soon spring rings the ponds and ice continents separate into but islands in the sea. Life, never really killed by winter, slowly revives to prosper in the sunshine glory that is spring. Notice, notice, always take note subtle changes every spring day. Always notice, changes always changing is the game, day by day, year by year, ever are the changes changing to unite us to eternity.
Plants are such wonderful time-temperature integrators and never is that more apparent than in the early spring. Sun warmed soil springs life forth quickly and where the snow lies longest, green always grows the last.

Soon the sun begins to fade, a last sparkle in some icy water mix and I go home!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


A calendar year is a very long short space of time. So much occurs in duration, but in end seems yet yesterday. Each passing year is compressed when comes to close, but exists forever while living.

Last summer an evening was spent at Sapsucker Woods to photograph the summer sunshine. Two weeks ago another summer evening was spent at Sapsucker seeking images of mid-summer bright. In summer, woods are mostly just green and dark from leafy canopy’s shade, a respite from the summer heat, but the light does not excite. After a cool and refreshing cold front passed through, pushing away recent heat and oppressive humidity, open areas, recently too hot, welcomed with open arms, a restless soul.

A year ago the summer was cool, a brief hot spell in April was about all we could call summer!! Long daylight of June was largely wasted because of the chill. Days of course were long but degrees where lacking, shrinking the magic degree-days needed for growth, dwarfing plant production, so to speak.

The ferns along the boardwalks luxuriated in this summer’s heat and humidity and sufficient rainfall. Never stressed they grew and grew, easily reaching 5 ft. for some, over flowing the boardwalk itself, lush, beautiful green, full fronds , so dramatic. Last year the ferns barely made 3 ft. and were much more sparse. And two years earlier, they actually took on a fall look by August because of a long dry, hot spell.
An interesting side-bar to this season’s story. Last year the cool weather was kind to some planted “wild-flowers” at the sanctuary. The bergamot plants were superb last year. They were planted in full sun but prefer dappled sun at clearings or creek sides, not liking to cook in the hot sun. Last year, because it was cool they did fine, this year not so good. They were not happy sweltering in the heat or humidity. Perhaps some seeds will find a spot more to their liking in the future!! So every year is different, every year some are happy, some are sad. Every year is not all good, every year is not all bad.
But what is consistent from year to year is the journey of the earth around the sun, around it’s axis, around and around. Late afternoon becomes early evening, shadows become longer at noon, day’s end-pieces yield softer, less harsh light. From the end of July, each week the length of daylight and shadow is more noticeable, as September and October approach the pace quickens, i.e. “time-rate of change” becomes greater to use an old calculus term.

The sun has almost set
And then its time to go home!!

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