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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Unlike this spring when spring was late and very wet, last year the spring was very dry and early.

Driving up the east side of Cayuga Lake in the distance black smoke was seen in the sky from about the village of Aurora, half-way up the lake.

At first I thought it was a barn fire, but soon it was apparent the fire was in the marshes of Montezuma.

Soon it appeared to have burned itself out. Apparently it had been burning since 4A.M. and it was now early afternoon.

The non-native grasses that have newly invaded were tinder dry and burned quickly. Luckily there was no wind and spreading was reduced.

Since the fire seemed spent, I wandered to the nearby observation tower just as a new flare exploded into fire. The flames shot high again and smoke blackened the sky. But water and shorter plants restricted the spread and soon the flames died down.

Heading back to the car, an old black willow trunk, split and gnarled caught my eye.

Willows hold leaves late into the fall and often leaf out early in the spring. These leaves hold the wet and heavy snow that may fall early or late causing many branches and trunks to crack or break. Character is born from life's trials.

When looked at closely it is amazing the fantastic shapes and color and texture that reveal a beauty all its own.

In northern part of the marsh the NYS Barge Canal
runs. These two images were the only real color to be seen this early in the spring except for blue sky and a little bit of green grass.

The locks and lock-master's house had just been freshly painted
and just screamed to be taken!!

The strength of the rack and pinion used to open the lock is evident in its mass!

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