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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Silent wanders a mind sauntering
Vast vistas in quiet soliloquy,
Seeking within, content in being,
Thoughts adrift about eternity.

Quiet is right, quiet finds luminance,
Illusions delude, thoughts so crude,
Pondering self, pondering existence,
Receive revelation in quiet solitude.

I know not others, I know not me,
I can only dream, imagine that I see,
For all I see exists only at my will,
From chaos to tumult to all is still.

Your bright rays are not my rays,
Your rainbows are not my rainbows,
As thoughts pass through all days,
Blessings untold, glory life bestows.


Monday, December 6, 2010


December and winter arrived together, not unexpected, only dreaded. In early December winter seems to be in store forever! But eventually the daylight lengthens and the sun rises earlier each day, still two weeks from now by the way, and winter's beauty begins to snow. That is until waning March days when winter forever appears.

Crescent moon part aglow,
Dark abates but slight below,
Warm appears basking sunlight,
Delusion against chill twi-night.

Still and chill tests one's will,

Never a jay's screaming shrill
Cracks the morning still with chill
When from dark night frosts distill.

Short the sun's daily ascent,

Sharp journey's arc is bent
As the end of year is sent,
Gone forever, forever to lament.


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