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Tuesday, September 8, 2009



Two heart’s begin to beat as one,
As innocent love’s journey has begun,
Though heart and soul are one to see,
Love’s heat and passion cannot be.

Although time has lost it’s sway
And great distance melts away
And even with love’s bond today
Love’s heat and passion must delay.

Lover’s eyes will forever search
Into each soul themselves to see,
Reflecting delight in lover’s sun,
Blinding their sight of everyone.

On soft shoulders lovers rest,
Wrapped arm in arm lovers play
At dream’s love imagined best
As great distance melts away.


Monday, September 7, 2009


Sauntering September Morning

Sauntering a September morning at Sapsucker Woods at the break of day and beyond, armed with a thermos full of coffee and a camera, the morning was full of promise. It did not disappoint.

The big surprise of the morning was talking to a beaver out strolling the path ahead. He didn’t say much, left in a hurry, told me his presence then splashed in the pond. Swimming under the surface, seen only by a trail of bubbles lasting but four feet, soon he was gone.

The first glimpse of sun through the trees reflected gold and glory off the Fuller wetlands pond and water lilies. First light is magic but fleeting, a lot like my buddy the beaver.
It is surprising how quickly the sun moves at the horizon. When trying to align and compose a photo time is of the essence. What catches your eye is not static and may soon not be there. Gold of sun lasts not long.

Reflections are nice in the late summer light.

The inevitable creep of water lilies will choke out the reflection of this landmark barn at Sapsucker Woods.

But the morning stillness perfects the illusion that the world looks upside down

An hour later the sun spotlights the woods, giving accent to normally obscure scenes. A simple fern frond appears dramatic.

Lit only by a shaft of morning sun and framed by shadow, mushrooms, the fungus “flowers” of the fall woodland, give color in dark woods.

A cup of coffee later, the sun is not golden but silver, giving a new look to the very same spot.

Hiding the sun’s globe behind water lily leaf edges sparkles the water’s surface.

The lateness of the summer, accented by lower sunshine angle, shows dramatic in the occasional, premature coloring of some tree branches. Stressed by too much or too little summer moisture, fall colors spot the woods and fresh, dried leaves speckle the ground.

Muskrat trails part the weeds like spokes of a wagon’s wheel. The shortest way across a circle is through the center, even a muskrat figures that.

Soon the sun is high and shadows shorten,
time for lunch and camera packing,
and so I go home.

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