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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Glimpsed but sporadically through the leafy canopy,
Southward glances in the pre-dawn darkness,
Silver slivers of light are seen, but it's not the rising sun,
It is the near-new moon giving false sun to me.

In darkness of predawn only light to see,
Is reflected sun shining from the moon.
Although too far east to be seen
Your sunlight still reaches me.

In mid summer, morning light is early
And twilight still seems so long.
Finally the sun comes into view,
Silver moon develops golden hue
Before dissolving into blue.

Blue sky o'er takes the golden moon,
But still the moon glow twinkles through.

Mysteries of mysteries our magical point of view,
Why are the moon and sun same size.
Humbling to marvel, surmise, on such eternal whys.

How special is a conscious being,
How unique the act of seeing.
Life is here, simple, complex not clear,
Why is the question that is so dear.

Why reflect upon the moon and sun early on summer morn.
Perhaps to see an angel and an inspiration too!!

I have not posted much of late, not sure why. Then a special angel came and inspired me!! Thank you K!! RDS

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